We design contemporary spaces to fit people

We design contemporary spaces to fit people

We design contemporary spaces to fit people

We design contemporary spaces to fit people

We design contemporary spaces to fit people

Architecture for evolving lifestyles


Architecture and design

We design homes, offices and commercial spaces according to the criteria of sustainability, aesthetics, integration with the environment, functionality and living comfort. We approach each project in a multidisciplinary way, analyzing the client’s real needs, lifestyle and possible future evolutions. We believe it is fundamental to work alongside the client at all stages, making him a participant in the project from conception to completion, supporting him in the choices that will characterize the finished work.

Unit Studio - Servizi di architettura e interior design

New buildings

Renovations and energy efficiency

Residential, commercial and offices


We design contemporary living by interpreting customer needs in the context of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency

Interior design

We translate client needs into design with special sensitivity regarding new trends for homes, stores, offices and restaurants

High impact 3D graphics

We produce high-quality photorealistic renderings, animations and 3D visual content to effectively communicate our clients’ ideas. In each project we seek the right balance between the technical and emotional aspects. Our decades of experience, expertise in the use of CGI tools, combined with a multidisciplinary approach, enable us to tackle even the most complex projects.

Unit Studio - Servizi di grafica 3D

3D Rendering and Animation

3D Modeling

360° Virtual Tours

Architectural visualization

We enhance projects with images, animations and immersive solutions to win the attention of potential clients.

Product visualization

We represent products in an eye-catching manner with special attention to detail for effective marketing.

The studio

We are a studio that has been engaged in architecture, design and graphic design nationally and internationally for more than 20 years. We provide integrated and customized solutions for private and corporate clients to whom we provide our experience and multidisciplinarity. The studio is the natural evolution of a collaborative relationship that began in 2000 as authors of major 3D graphics manuals.